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Experience Perfection

Discover best-in-class cooling with our range of innovative products.

  • Designed to match your lifestyle

    1. 365 Days of Cool and Clean AirDeclutter with an AC that works as an air purifier in winters

    2. Plasma Ion Purifier System Purifies and deodorizes the air.

    3. Elegant Design To enhance your living space.

    4. Silent Operation Operates at 19dB, making it quieter than the watch ticking on your wrist.

  • Performance beyond compare

    1. Unmatched ISEER Rating of 5.6India’s most energy efficient AC*.

    2. Payback With energy efficiency so high, it can pay for itself within 2* years.

    3. Quiet Specially incline-designed fan blades reduce operating sound.

  • Path-breaking performance

    1. Magic coilAqua Resin coated coil prevents oil & dust accumulation

    2. IAQ Filter Prevents harmful bacteria and viruses from multiplying.

    3. Self Cleaning Keeps the filter dry to prevent any odor or mold formation.

  • Unmatched comfort and cooling

    1. IAQ Filter Prevents harmful bacteria and viruses from multiplying.

    2. Hi power mode Ensures instant cooling without making any undesired noise.

    3. Comfort Setting 12 flap setting, 7 speed motor input and auto cleaning function.