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Toshiba Digital Inverter Cassette AC RAV-SM564ATJP-E, 5 kw (1.4 TR)

Toshiba RAV-SM564ATJP-E Online in India

Digital Inverter Cassette AC 1.8 TR




  • Remote Controller

Multi Split system, Superior EER, Quite Operation, DC twin rotary compressor, Wide air flow, Diagonally opposite swing, Individual Louvre control, Inverter technology

Toshiba Cassette Digital Inverter Ac - RAV-SM564ATJP-E, Inverter technology, 5 kW (1.4 TR)

5 kW (1.4 TR)


SPI is an energy saving airconditioner for light commercial use that was designed to meet our customer needs. SPI is able to reduce the refrigerant volume and achieve a high energy efficiency ratio (EER).Due to its compact size, the unit can be installed in small shops.

Toshiba RAV-SE801UP+RAV-TE801AP Online In India

6.4 kw (1.8 TR)

ToshibaOur products comply with RoHS Regulations, ensuring no restricted substances in each of the components.

ToshibaWith the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

ToshibaNon-flammable & non-ozone depletion, use of R410A refrigerant which is confirmed to be non-ozone depleting, non-fammable and non-toxic.

5 kw (1.4 tr)
  Capacity kW 5.0
  Range, min-max kW 1.5-5.6
Cooling *1 Power consumption kW 1.56
    Capacity 100% 3.21
  EER (Energy Capacity 80% 4.00
  Efficiency Ratio) Capacity 50% 5.21
  Capacity kW 5.3
  Range, min-max kW 1.5-6.3
Heating *1 Power consumption kW 1.36
    Capacity 100% 3.90
  COP (Coefficient Capacity 80% 4.37
  of Performance) Capacity 50% 5.41
Power supply     1-phase 50Hz 230V (220–240V)
Indoor unit
Standard air flow (H/M/L) m3/s 0.29/0.24/0.22
Sound pressure level (H/M/L) dB(A) 32/29/28
Main unit dimensions (H/W/D) cm 26/84/84
Weight kg 42
Panel dimensions (H/W/D) cm 3 x 95 x 95
Panel weight kg 3.2
Outdoor Unit
Standard model (RAV-) SM564ATP-E
Heavy Anti-Corrosion protection model (RAV-) SM564ATJP-E
Power supply   1-phase 50Hz 230V (220–240V)
Compressor type   DC twin rotary
Connecting pipe dia., Gas/Liquid side cm Ø1.27 / Ø0.64
Standard / Min. pipe length m 7.5 / 5
Max. pipe total length m 30
Maximum height difference m 30
Outer dimensions (H x W x D) cm 55 x 78 x 29
Weight kg 40
Sound pressure level, Cooling/Heating *2 dB(A) 46/48
Operating range, Cooling/Heating ° C -15~46 / -15~15
Remote Controller3

Standard wired remote controller can be connected to a single indoor unitor a group of up to 8 indoor units. Power save operation limits the greatest current value.The remote controller allows error to be displayed while the protective device works or a error occurs.

Remote Controller3

Wired remote controller with clock display and a built in 7-day timer function,possible to program 8 functions for each day of the week. *The following items can be set in program: operation time,operation start/stop, operation mode, temperature setting, restriction on button operation Lite-Vision

Remote Controller3

Wired remote controller with a built in 7-day timer-featuring a new multi-language,

  • LCD display with backlight, energy saving options and a return back function.
  • Possibility to set and display the room name to easily set-up and monitor the working parameter.
  • New modern and desirable controller design with menu driven display.
  • Save mode by schedule timer to optimise energy consumption.
  • Room temperature display always available.
  • Two “Hot Keys” (F1, F2) for easy operation of air conditioner functions.
  • Easy to read layout including display of indoor unit model name and serial number.
  • Built-in backup power. Settings are kept in memory up to 72 hours in case of power failure.
  • Remote TA sensor available in controller.
  • Can be connected to a single indoor unit or a group of up to 8 indoor units.
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