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Toshiba Stable Power Inverter Cassette AC RAV-GV3601UP-IN+RAV-GV3601A8P 4 HP

Toshiba Stable Power Inverter 4HP Online in India

Toshiba Stable Power Inverter 4HP





Environment-friendly R32 refrigerant
  • New generation of Toshiba SPI uses the new R32 refrigerant with low GWP (Global Warming Potential).
  • Low GWP R32 refrigerant, combined with 36% reduction of refrigerant charge, allows to reduce the total equivalent CO2 by 79.4% of the system.*
    *3.0 TR SPI Classic


2 - 6 HP Capacity Range
  • SPI Classic comes with a range from 2 - 6 HP.


High energy efficiency with ISEER value up to 4.42
  • SPI’s low power consumption gives it a high ISEER value, thus facilitating energy-optimal performance.


High Durability
  • Special design of Toshiba aluminum alloy heat exchanger makes the SPI R32 product resistant to corrosion, making it highly durable.

    Aluminum general alloy fin acts as a sacrifice material protecting the aluminum special alloy tube from corrosion.

    Test results show similar levels between Toshiba aluminum alloy heat exchanger, copper fin and tube heat exchanger.


High Reliability
  • SPI has a protection circuit* to protect the PC board under unstable power supply and a function that detects miswiring of the power supply.
    *Applicable for 3Phase products
  • The SPI inverter box is fully sealed up in order to avoid malfunction and has a strainer in the pipe system to remove dust and metal-abrasion powder.


Compact & lightweight CDU
  • SPI R32 is made with aluminum alloy to make it light weight.


IDU designed for maximum comfort
  • The self-cleaning mechanism of the acrylic resin-coated indoor unit’s fins ensures clean and fresh air indoors.
  • Through a 5-step airflow, the SPI can control the wind strength with higher accuracy.*
    *This function is available with a wireless remote controller and a wired remote controller named RBC-AMSU51-EN and RBC-ASCU11-E respectively.
  • For stable operation in areas with unstable electricity, SPI has a standard auto-restart function for seamless continuity in blackout situations.

Toshiba - RAV-GV3601UP-IN+RAV-GV3601A8P - Cassette Stable Power Inverter AC Online In India, 3.0 TR

4 HP


The new generation SPI is a durable, reliable and energy-saving air-conditioner for light commercial use. It is an air conditioner you can truly count on. It not only uses less refrigerant quantity but is packed with multiple features to protect your machine against voltage fluctuations and other climatic conditions.
This new reliable and energy-efficient SPI Classic air conditioner is suitable for all your light-commercial air-conditioning requirements in bigger spaces like retail shops, clinics, labs, small offices, cafes, restaurants and more.

Toshiba RAV-GV3601UP-IN+RAV-GV3601A8P Online In India

4 HP

ToshibaThe high energy performance of the SPI Classic series ensures cost saving with less energy consumption.

ToshibaThe 5-step airflow, auto-restart function, self-cleaning operation and easy maintenance of the new SPI Classic air conditioners make it a comfortable choice for high ceiling commercial spaces.

ToshibaNon-ozone depletion R32 refrigerant with low GWP (Greenhouse Warming Potential) makes SPI Classic series a greener choice. Up to 36% low refrigerant consumption with R32 allows in reducing the total equivalent CO2 by 79.4% of the system*.

*2HP SPI Classic


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