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Introducing DaiSeiKai, the Best Split Unit Residential Air Conditioner

  • Daiseikai residential split ac

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    DaiSeiKai Residential Air Conditioner

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    DaiSeiKai Residential Air Conditioner

  • DaiSeiKai air conditioner

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    DaiSeiKai Residential Air Conditioner

Witness state-of-the-art technology that not only cools your home but also, purifies it.
DaiSeiKai Residential Air Conditioner

Make a Statement

Bring home superior aesthetics that enhance your living space.

It’s more than just an air conditioner

The Ingenious Plasma Ion Purifier System: A complete filtration system that deodorises the air & provides a pure & healthy environment. It works using a Plasma Ion Charger that helps ensure that you enjoy the best possible IAQ.

With a just a touch of the PURE button, unveil an experience beyond compare.

Plasma Ion Purifier System ac System
Plasma Ion Purifier System ac System
Toshiba Daiseikai AC- less is more
Cool or Pure?

With an in-built air purifier, it not only keeps you cool on a hot day but purifies the air too. So why clutter your home with more devices when DaiSeiKai can do it all?

Toshiba Spilt Air conditior for home

Summer or Winter?

DaiSeiKai never goes out of season. Superior cooling coupled with a self-cleaning Plasma Ion Purifying system ensures that you experience cool and clean air all year round.

Making it quieter than the ticking wrist watch.

Low Silent 19 db*
*Quite mode 13k

Key Benefits

3D direction airflow +

3D direction airflow

Experience improved comfort with the multi-directional airflow patterns that evenly distributes powerful and stable air volume.

DaiSeiKai ac - 3D airflow
Multifunctional Remote Control +

Multifunctional Remote Control

Experience year round comfort with a remote control that comes with a weekly timer feature that can be programmed according to your need.

DaiSeiKai AC Multifunctional RC
Self Cleaning +

Self Cleaning

The auto clean functionality is designed to reduce humidity, and prevent mold formation inside the air conditioner unit.

Coil is cleaned by drainage

DaiSeiKai AC- Self Cleaning

- Prevents dust sticking to the coil units

- Fan operation after shut down keeps the coil dry and clean

Hi-Power +


When you come home on a hot day, just press on the “Hi-Power” button, Toshiba’s DAISEIKAI air conditioner with extra airflow rapidly delivers more cooling throughout the room without making undesired noise.

Power Selection

Can limit current and power consumption to 100%, 75% or 50%, ensuring higher savings and a longer compressor life.

DaiSeiKai Hi-Power AC
Technology & Reliability +

Technology & Reliability

Get best-in-class energy efficiency with a reliable technology that delivers high energy savings.

Squall Shield: Built and tested to withstand damages from wind, downpours and thunderstorms. It is durable in corrosive environments.

Damage shield: A Drop Test and a Carton Box compression test ensure that the packaging can protect the product from delivery related damages. Ensuring that quality is maintained from factory floor to customer’s door.

Fire shield: The DaiSeiKai is built to prevent crackling, sparks, and fire.

Vibration shield: Transportation tests ensure that the quality of the DaiSeiKai reaching your doorstep isn’t affected by even the roughest handling.


Model Indoor Outdoor RAS-13U2KCVP-IN
Capacity (kW) 3.85 5.1
Power consumption (kW) 1.045 1.58
ISEER - 4.90 4.92
Star rating - 5 5
Airflow CFM (m3/s) 395 (0.187) 409 (0.193)
Indoor sound pressure dB (A) 43/39/29/25/19 44/40/35/30/26/23
Outdoor sound pressure level dB (A) 50 52
Indoor dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 293 x 831 x 270 293 x 831 x 270
Indoor weight (kg) 14 14
Outdoor size (HxWxD) (mm) 550 x 780 x 290 550 x 780 x 290
Outdoor weight (kg) 37 36
Outdoor weight (mm) 6.35/9.52 6.35/12.7
Refrigerant   R410A

Rated conditions: Indoor Air temperature 27°C DB / 19°C WB, Outdoor Airtemperature 35°C DB. Star rating as per standards & labelling program of Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Airflow measured is at high fan speed.

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