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Toshiba Ducted Digital Inverter RAV-SM566BTP-E, 5 kW (1.4 TR)

Toshiba AC – Digital Inverter Ductable Air Conditioner in India

Digital Inverter Ducted AC 1.4 TR




  • Remote Controller

Multi Split system, Superior EER, Quite Operation, DC twin rotary compressor, Wide air flow, Diagonally opposite swing, Individual Louvre control, Inverter technology


5 kW (1.4 TR)


  • The Toshiba Digital Inverter series air conditioners combine economy and ecology in a compact body.
  • They feature state of the art technology, flexible control and easy installation to bring natural comfort and convenience to any business environment.
Toshiba RAV-SM566BTP-E Online in India

5 kW (1.4 TR)

5 kw (1.4 tr)
  Capacity kW 5.0
  Range, min-max kW 1.5-5.6
Cooling *1 Power consumption kW 1.83
    Capacity 100% 2.73
  EER (Energy Capacity 80% 3.42
  Efficiency Ratio) Capacity 50% 4.39
  Capacity kW 5.3
  Range, min-max kW 1.5-6.3
Heating *1 Power consumption kW 1.62
    Capacity 100% 3.27
  COP (Coefficient Capacity 80% 3.69
  of Performance) Capacity 50% 4.57
Power supply     1-phase 50Hz 230V (220–240V)
Indoor unit
Standard air flow (H/M/L) m3/s 0.22/0.17/0.13
External static pressure (factory setting) Pa 30
External static pressure-Standard (Upper-Lower) Pa 30(120-30)
Sound pressure level (H/M/L) dB(A) 33/29/25
Panel dimensions (H/W/D) cm 28 x 70 x 75
  m 0.3 x 0.7 x 0.75
Weight kg 23
Outdoor Unit
Standard model (RAV-) SM564ATP-E
Heavy Anti-Corrosion protection model (RAV-) SM564ATJP-E
Power supply   1-phase 50Hz 230V (220–240V)
Compressor type   DC twin rotary
Connecting pipe dia., Gas/Liquid side cm Ø1.27 / Ø0.64
Standard / Min. pipe length m 7.5 / 5
Max. pipe total length m 30
Maximum height difference m 30
Outer dimensions (H x W x D) cm 55 x 78 x 29 (0.55 x 0.78 x 0.29)
Weight kg 40
Sound pressure level, Cooling/Heating *2 dB(A) 46/48
Operating range, Cooling/Heating ° C -15~46 / -15~15
Remote Controller3

Standard wired remote controller can be connected to a single indoor unitor a group of up to 8 indoor units. Power save operation limits the greatest current value.The remote controller allows error to be displayed while the protective device works or a error occurs.

Remote Controller3

Wired remote controller with clock display and a built in 7-day timer function,possible to program 8 functions for each day of the week. *The following items can be set in program: operation time,operation start/stop, operation mode, temperature setting, restriction on button operation Lite-Vision

Remote Controller3

Wired remote controller with a built in 7-day timer-featuring a new multi-language,

  • LCD display with backlight, energy saving options and a return back function.
  • Possibility to set and display the room name to easily set-up and monitor the working parameter.
  • New modern and desirable controller design with menu driven display.
  • Save mode by schedule timer to optimise energy consumption.
  • Room temperature display always available.
  • Two “Hot Keys” (F1, F2) for easy operation of air conditioner functions.
  • Easy to read layout including display of indoor unit model name and serial number.
  • Built-in backup power. Settings are kept in memory up to 72 hours in case of power failure.
  • Remote TA sensor available in controller.
  • Can be connected to a single indoor unit or a group of up to 8 indoor units.
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