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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q. What is a BTU?
Ans: It is the amount of heat required to change the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Q. What is One ton equivalent to?
Ans: One ton equals 12000 BTUs per hour.

Q. What is EER?
Ans: This is a cooling efficiency with respect to power consumption.

Q. How does an Air conditioner operate?
Ans: An air conditioner operates on a refrigerant gas. The gas is at a low temp in one part of the AC and at a high temp in another part of the AC. This is achieved by compressor compressing the gas continuously.

Buying and Selecting

Q. How do I determine the AC tonnage basis my room size? And what AC should I opt for – Window or Split?
Ans: Windows are available upto 2.0 TR.Above this capacity only splits are available. Besides if the location of the room is such that a window cannot be installed then also a split is the only option. Please consider following points

Q. A location where Sunlight does not fall directly on the unit.
Ans: There is no obstacle to air flow to and from the AC
The place can give a rigid platform so that the AC can be installed securely. This will also reduce sound and vibration.

Q. What kind of features should influence my purchase decision?
Ans: Following points can be considered:
         1). Capacity as per requirement
         2). Power consumption and durability of machine.

Product Information

Q. What is the difference between Rotary and Reciprocatory Compressor?
Ans: Rotary Compressor compresses the refrigerant gas by a rotating mechanism while a Reciprocating Compressor does the same by converting a rotating action of a motor into a liner action.

Q. What is the difference between Scroll and Reciprocatory Compressor?
Ans: Scroll Compressor has a moving scroll which creates pressure. A Reciprocating Compressor uses piston cylinder to compress the refrigerant gas.

Service and Maintenance

Q. Do I need to buy a voltage stabilizer and what voltage should I have?
Ans: Yes, if voltage is a problem in your area.207 to 253 V.

Q. How often should I clean my filter?
Ans: The air cleaner should be checked and cleaned atleast once every 2 weeks or more often as may be necessary.

Q. How much electricity would my AC use?
Ans: Depending upon AC capacity. The Electrical Power Consumption will vary.

Q. What is the cost of maintaining my AC?
Ans: It will depend on type and capacity. Please refer to the dealer.

Other FAQs

Q. How can we calculate electricity consumption of Air conditioner?
Ans: Estimated Electrical Consumption = Input (kW) X No. of hours used X No. of days per month X Current Utility Rate.

Q. Why the Air conditioner makes a cracking sound?
Ans: Plastic parts such as the front panel produces a crackling sound when they expand or contract slightly due to temperature change.

Q. Unpleasant odor from Air conditioner?
Ans: Room, furniture and cigarette smoke odors enter the indoor unit and remain in the unit. When the air conditioner is turned on, it blows the accumulated odors together with air. (It is recommended to clean the inside of the indoor unit. Call the call center.

Q. Why less cooling problem is there in AC?
Ans: Check if the Air-filter is blocked by dust. If there is a lot of dust on the air filter, then the cooling efficiency of the air-conditioner might decrease. Constantly clean the Air-filter with water to improve the efficiency of the air-conditioner. Check if the outdoor unit is covered or installed near an obstacle. Take the cover off and take the obstacle away. If the doors and windows are open, it may cause bad cooling performance. Close the door and windows. Check if the pipe length that connects indoor and outdoor unit is too long, the cooling performance of the air conditioner decreases if the pipe length exceeds maximum allowable length.

Q. Unit does not cool/the green light is not on.
Ans: Is the unit in the Cooling mode?
Press the mode button until cooling mode is selected.
Lower the temperature setting on the unit to the minimum setting.
(The temperature setting of the unit has to be lower than that of the room) Wait 3 to five minutes for the compressor to start running.

Q. The timer function is canceled after the remote controller is used to operate the unit.
Ans: If the unit is operating under TIMER mode then the remote control must also be in the “TIMER” mode setting otherwise, the TIMER feature will be canceled. This is normal because the operating system defaults to the last input signal received.

Q. No response to remote controller
Ans: Is the receiver and the remote control within the required 24 feet operating distance?
Check the batteries of the remote controller.
Move the unit to within the 24 feet operating distance.
Is there any obstruction between the receiver and remote control?
Move the unit to a new location or remove any obstruction between the unit and remote controller.

Q. Unit has no display or no response to remote controller or control button when the unit is plugged in
Ans: Ensure that the unit is plugged into a working outlet and that the plug is secured. Push the reset button on the side of the plug unit it clicks. The green indicator light on the plug should be illuminated.

Q. Unit Does Not Cool Enough
Ans: Make sure all windows and doors are closed.
Lower the temperature setting to the lowest setting on the unit.
Make sure exhaust duct is secured and not blocked.
Make sure air filter is clean and not blocked.

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