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Toshiba Heating and Cooling Inverter (4 Star AC)

Toshiba Heating And Cooling Online in India

Heating & Cooling Inverter 4 Star Split AC



  • Remote Controller



Store your desired settings and activate them at the touch of a button.


The indoor will operate at the lowest noise level. It shifts to super-low fan speed, thereby reducing the sound of the indoor unit.


One - Touch My Comfort
Toshiba has assessed user preferences in your region of the world to ensure that your needs can be fully catered to. The one touch my comfort feature customizes temperature and airflow settings, which helps in delivering ultimate comfort with one simple push of a button.


Comfort Sleep
When you activate the comfort sleep button, air conditioning system will compensate for naturally lower night air temperatures so you can sleep in complete comfort.


Self - Cleaning
20 minutes of fan operation after being shut down dries most air and helps reduce mould formation.


Hi - Power
Hi-power mode makes your room cool faster and is quiet when in operation. When you come home on a hot day, just press the “Hi-Power” button. Toshiba’s extra airflow rapidly delivers extra cooling throughout the room without making undesired noise.


Swing and Fix Louver
Use this to select the desired air direction or swing operation.


Easy Maintenance
Regular cleaning and maintenance will save your money and extend life of air-conditioner.


We design real time on-off feature, which can set on and off times or program repeat every 24 hours.


Fan Speed
5 Fan speed with comfortable setting, with Auto Fan and Hi-power modes. You can choose from gentle airflow, right up to full cooling of Hi-power mode.


Heating and Cooling Inverter

The new Toshiba inverter air-conditioner is another level of technology that has been developed for your lifestyle today, tomorrow and for the future. The new modern design creates fresh air to better the quality of life with less energy consumption, and easier control with just one touch. An advanced technology that you can breathe, touch and experience.

Available in : 1.5* TR
*5 star product

Toshiba Heating and Cooling Online in India

Heating and Cooling Inverter

ToshibaOur products comply with RoHS Regulations, ensuring no restricted substances in each of the components.

ToshibaWith the fast increasing waste stream, we aim to minimize the impact of electronic goods on the environment. Such inspiration helps us to limit the quantity of waste stream infiltrating into the final disposal by applying the recyclable plastics.

ToshibaNon-flammable & Non-ozone depletion, use of R32 refrigerant which is confirmed to be non-ozone depleting and non-toxic.

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