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Toshiba Prodigi3 split AC Prodigi3 split Air conditioner
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Prodigi3 Split AC

Prodigi3 AC Super Cooling
Save more than you spend with an AC designed for
Superior Energy – Efficiency.
The Prodig.i3 is so much more than an air conditioner. It’s an intelligent air conditioning solution with a superior ISEER rating that promises superior cooling and great energy efficiency
energy efficiency
like never before
There are quite a few reasons that make Prodig.i3 the obvious choice. Some say it’s the best-in-class ISEER while others can’t get over the fact that it can pay for itself in 2 years.
Prodigi3 AC energy efficiency
Toshiba AC Payback Calculator
Prodigi3 split AC Payback calculator
Find out how much you can save by replacing your existing air conditioner with Prodig.i3.
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Product Features
Prodigi3 split AC - Super Cooling Product
  • Preset
  • Hi - Power
  • Quiet
  • Timer
  • Comfort Sleep
  • One - Touch My Comfort
  • Aqua Resin Coated
  • Swing and Fix Louver
  • Self - Cleaning
  • Fan Speed
Magic Coil - Dustless
  • Prodigi3 split AC Magic Coil layer

    Oil & dirt cannot stick to the find because of a special layer

  • Prodigi3 AC Magic Coil

    Condensed water washes oil & dirt

  • Prodigi3 split AC Coil remains good

    The coil remains as good as new.

Experience more, every time
  • With no odor or mold, enjoy healthier and fresher air
  • Superior energy efficiency becomes a habit with a coil that always remains clean
Product Specification
Model Indoor RAS-18PKCV2G-IN
Outdoor RAS-18PACV2G-IN
Capacity (kW) 5.1
Power consumption (kW) 1.23
ISEER   5.60
Airflow CFM (m3/s)z 617 (0.29)
Indoor sound pressure level dB (A) 45/43/40/38/35
Outdoor sound pressure level dB (A) 50
Indoor dimensions (HxWxD) (mm) 320 x 1050 x 250
Indoor weight (kg) 14
Outdoor size (HxWxD) (mm) 550 x 780 x 290
Outdoor weight (kg) 34
Liquid pipe / Gas pipe size (mm) 6.35 / 12.7
Refrigerant   R32

Rated Conditions: Indoor Air Temperature 27°C DB/19°C WB. Outdoor Air Temperature 35°C DB.
Star rating as per standards & labelling program of Bureau of Energy Efficiency.
Airflow measured is at high fan speed.

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