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VRF Top Discharge AC SMMS-7

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  • Power-packed with the 7 Senses of Smartness, the Toshiba SMMS-7 top-discharge unit offers the ultimate efficiency for your buildings. With exceptional benefits of energy savings, ease of maintenance, versatility and much more, here’s an eco-friendly VRF that prioritizes your convenience and comfort.
  • Toshiba Smms-7 Online In India
Toshiba Smms-7 Online In India

Sense of Efficiency
  • Superior energy savings with improved full and part load Energy Efficiency Ratios
  • ISEER* as high as 9.05
  • 2-Stage Vane for reduced friction and noise
  • Redesigned four-way heat exchanger with balanced air flow on four sides of the unit


Sense of Care
SMMS Wave Tool:
  • Remote diagnostic application designed for ease of maintenance
  • NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology to access system data with smartphone
  • Simplified installation, testing, and commissioning process without the need to open the cabinet


Sense of Space
  • Innovative compact design, significantly reducing installation footprint, delivery, and installation time
  • Expanded single unit capacity up to 24 HP on one platform
  • Combination upto 60 HP


Sense of Convenience
  • Two tier design: Separate machine rooms for quick and easy access to key components
  • Diagnostic tools for troubleshooting - Dyna doctor
  • Reduced crane usage during installation


Sense of Flexibility
  • Up to 200%* diversity in unit combinations to achieve comfort with lesser capacity and lower costs
  • Longer piping length up to 1000 meters for diverse building designs
  • Up to 18 indoor FCUs (Fan Coil Units) can be facilitated
  • AHU (air handling unit) connection option for capacity range from 16 to 60 HP with airflow range from 6,000 to 30,000 CMH


Sense of Strength
  • New inverter box with additional rodent, lizard etc. protection and resin sheet
  • Backup operation feature in case of compressor failure
  • Reliability Rotational Control for balanced compressor workload under variable conditions


Sense of Endurance
  • Expanded ambient operational range of -5°C to 52°C
  • DLC coated vane for enhanced durability and reduced friction


Toshiba Technologies
  • Innovative blade designs for turbulence-free airflow
  • Quiet propeller operation with reduced noise pollution by 1.5 dB


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