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  • At Toshiba we realize that the urban landscape is changing. That’s why we created the SMMS7 – a tailored cooling solution that provides optimum air-conditioning without cutting corners. While being environment friendly, it also takes your area of application into consideration, delivering ultimate efficiency for your building. Powered by the 7 senses of Smartness that give 7 exceptional benefits, it’s the VRF system built just for you.
Toshiba Smms-7 Online In India

Higher Energy Efficiency
Enhanced efficiency at full load and part load 26% higher efficiency at 50% load with EER as high as 7.2.

Environmentally Oriented
HFC-410 A Refrigerant Over 20% reduction in refrigerant quantity.

Space Saving and Light Weight
Footprint reduced by upto 24%. 88 KG reduction in weight.

Wider Ambient Operation
Operates at upto 52ºC ambient temperature.

Easy Installation and Maintenance
NFC wave tool function for installation and troubleshooting simplified refrigerant circuit.

Design Flexibility
200% diversity. Total piping length of 100 M.

High Reliability
Diamond like carbon coated 2 stage vane, lesser friction and longer life. Small animal protection.


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